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TSP offers architecture, engineering, interior design, and construction services.  Established in 1930, TSP has grown into a large A/E/C organization with offices located across the Midwest.  Following in the footsteps of our founder, Harold Spitznagel, TSP has become well known for effective designs that fit the community and enhance clients’ goals.

Our success in providing effective designs is rooted in our industry specific professionals which offer exceptional insight and strong team leadership.  Through experience and active-listening we offer an understanding of the goals and needs of our clients.  We combine this with leadership focused on effective management of budget and schedule, and we are able to provide our clients high quality planning services and appropriate facility solutions.



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Harold SpitznagelSince 1930 TSP has inspired, innovated, and provided insight to enhance the built environment for public and private sector clients throughout the United States. Our firm was built on a foundation of both architecture and art. Founder Harold Spitznagel believed art should be present in every building, and his work reflected that conviction. TSP still believes in the integration of art into architecture as we continue to design and build unique, innovative structures.

As the desire for artful architecture increases, TSP will continue to be ahead of the pack. Our team members are devoted to design that inspires, impacts, and causes people to stop and stare. Artistic, intelligent design is what we do and will continue to do.

Moreover, with many LEED™ Accredited Professionals among the team, TSP is continuously aware of the need for sustainable design and “green building.” Seeing the importance of connecting with the environment, we aspire to design and build structures that embrace flexibility and sustainability.

TSP houses all the necessary planning, design, and construction disciplines in one firm, which facilitates smooth communication and information sharing. Having all disciplines in-house facilitates full-spectrum reviews and analysis of existing structures, from the construction services cost estimators who keep the team thinking financial, to the interior designer focused on look and feel, to the engineers attentive to comfort and functionality.  Additional benefits are derived from all team members using the same processes and systems, and a comfort level acquired through years of working together, which allows TSP to perform reviews in an expeditious manner. And to our clients, we make one simple promise: To Solve. To Excel. Together.